Founded in 1956 in Israel by the late Mrs Lea Gottlieb and her husband Mr Armin Gottlieb, Gottex’s remarkable success was due to one strong yet gentle woman, Lea Gottlieb. Mrs Gottlieb created an innovative and unique approach to designing and manufacturing swimwear that changed the industry. Her swimwear became an extension of an entire range of products including skirts, dresses, pants, Kaftans and pareos. Gottex products offer a lavish lifestyle experience both inside and out of the water.

Today, the Gottex brand still continues with its quality, fashionable and glamorous outlook under the reigns of a talented designer by the name of Keren Gasner. The brand has evolved in innovation with its swimwear and beachwear lines – with its striking colour’s, creative print designs and its well engineered fit. Its fit now focuses in having shapewear properties that gives swimwear extra control and support where its required. Gottex never disappoints and throughout the generations and time it has become one of the most recognizable designer swimwear brands, with the likes of Princess Diana, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor now having worn the brand.



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